Pre-Sale Home Inspections

Why Get Pre-Sale Home Inspections?

It’s a fact that pre-sale home inspections can help you sell your property more quickly.

If you are a home owner looking to sell your house, you should consider a pre-listing home inspection because it can save you time as well as money, and it can also prevent problems that can affect the sale of the home.

As many realtors will tell you, buyers these days, are not afraid to demand that any list of problems found in the home inspection be addressed before the sale gets finalized.

Is there always a problem with a house?

Home inspectors can usually find issues that need to be addressed, some more serious than  others. Some of these will affect the sale of the home and some will not.  No matter how much you do to get the home ready for the sale cosmetically, you should know that any structural or other serious issue should be determined and addressed. Oftentimes,  there are small issues that are inexpensive to fix for the seller or to research the cost of fixing and then allocate a credit when the offer is made on the home.

Any Realtor will tell you that what can kill the sale is problems that arise in the inspection. If you as the homeowner do not know about these beforehand you cannot get them addressed, get estimates, nor can you negotiate well resulting in you potentially wasting time, emotional energy, and losing a significant amount of income on the sale.

Pay Now Or Pay Later

Because it is often most costly to address a problem by lowering the sale price of a home, it is in the best interest of the seller to have the home be as ready as possible before the buyer’s inspection is performed. This is true because buyers have a tendency to inflate the projected cost of repairs during the negotiation phase to save more money, and rarely get professional estimates.

As a result of this situation, obviously, the fewer issues the buyer’s home inspector identifies, the more money you will get for the sale of the home.

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